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Tracetech Security develops innovative Automated Explosive Detection, as well as  Narcotics, Drugs, Biological, Chemicals & Nuclear Substances Detection

The next generation of ETD (Explosive Trace Detection) screening

Market Segments

Federal/Government Facilities
High Profile Office Buildings
Mass Transit(bus/rail stations/subways)
Military Bases
Sports Stadiums
Other “sensitive sites” (amusement parks, malls, etc.)


TraceTech Security’s top technical experts have extensive experience in security design and development.Our management  team has proven capability in management of multinational companies and vast technology and  commercial experience. The Company’s Advisory Board is made up of a experienced Security Experts,  Former Military and Police officials rals, and is Chaired by Former Chief Inspector of the Israeli Police, who was the founder and Commander of the famous Israeli Counter-Terror Unit ("Yamam").

TraceTech’s Process + Deployed ETD Equipment = 100% Cargo Screening
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