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The Challenge: Cargo Screening is the Achilles Heel of Transportation Security
The Yemen Toner Cartridge Bomb Plot emphasises the ease of attacking  civil aviation transportation by using a regular cargo shipment that is loaded on passenger flights. With over 22% of US domestic air cargo travelling on passenger planes, unscreened cargo is currently a major transportation security risk.
The Department of Homeland Security’s  (TSA) set a December 3, 2012 deadline, which requires passenger air carriers to conduct 100 percent cargo screening on international inbound flights.
Screening Air Cargo in a fashion similar to checked baggage inspection is not feasible, as has been emphasized both by Cargo and Transport officials, prompting the TSA to postpone their directive date, time and time again.

100% cargo screening


Our Solution: TraceTech Security's Breakthrough Technology is the 'missing piece' in the equation for providing 100% cargo screening.

Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) is currently  used in all security screening operations, and particularly in airports.
However, current ETD devices present several  inherent limitations such as efficient and accurate trace sampling in order to successfully detect explosives. Since trace sampling is done manually, these inherent limitations usually come to light.
Over the past few years, TraceTech Security has successfully developed its groundbreaking technology for performing inspection of Cargo & Baggage. TraceTech's technology performs efficient automatic extraction of traces of illicit substances  enabling their detection by  ETD.

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