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Istanbul Terror Attack

June 27, 2016

Istanbul attack: terror that killed 41 injured 239 Istanbul

EgyptAir Flight 804 Crash

May 18, 2016

Russian Metrojet Plane 9268 crash in Sinai was ISIS 'Terrorist Act‘

October 30, 2015

Metrojet Flight 9268 (IATA: 7K9268, ICAO: KGL9268) was an international chartered passenger flight,[1] operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia (branded as Metrojet), which disintegrated above the northern Sinai on 31 October 2015 at 06:13 local timeEST


February 11, 2016

 bomb used to blow a hole in Somalian plane was so sophisticated it managed to get through X-ray scanners undetected 

Paris Terror Attacks 2015

November 12, 2015

ISIS Terror Threats & Attacks

Brussels Terror

March 21, 2015

Brussels attack: ISIS terror attack that killed 30 in Belgian capital

Yemen Cartridge Plot (2010),

May 04, 2010

Air Cargo has been used to attack civil aviation

In Lockerbie Plane Bombing (1988)

May 04, 2010

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Explosives Trace Detection
Innovation & Technology


Explosives Trace Detection (ETD) is technology used at security checkpoints around the country to screen carry-on baggage and passengers for traces of explosives. Officers may swab a piece of luggage or passenger hands and then use ETD technology to test for explosives. The swab is placed inside the ETD unit

New airport scanner will x-ray, brain scan, sniff for bombs and biometric ID

By David Millward | Telegraph | Jun. 6, 2011

The 21 feet long smart tunnel combines all existing and imminent security technology in one place and would slash the time passengers wait at airports. Passengers would simply walk the length of the tunnel while they are scanned.

It would prevent the frustration many passengers feel when they have to partially undress at a security gate.

A version is expected to be trialled within 18 months and could be rolled out at major airports within five years. British authorities ....

TSA Expands Use of Explosive Trace Detection Technology at Airports Nationwide
February 17, 2010

“Explosive Trace Detection technology is a critical tool in our ability to stay ahead of evolving threats to aviation security,” said TSA Acting Administrator Gale Rossides. “Expanding the use of this technology at checkpoints and at departure gates greatly enhances security to keep the traveling public safe.”

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