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Tracetech Security develops -as result of 10 years of R&D since11/9 - innovative security technologies and solutions for Automation of Explosive Detection – a rapidly expanding segment of the global homeland security market.

An entire family of products

Current Limitations

On average, one in three carry-on items passing through the X-ray is selected for manual inspection. The process itself is time and labor intensive and only checks specific parts of each bag (not the entire contents)
Human factors such as insufficient training, low motivation or reduced alertness mean that manual sampling leads to inconsistent inspection by operators, who are prone to fatigue and errors in judgment.
Trace detectors require a sufficiently large amount of the suspect material – which is not always available with manual sampling – in order to perform an effective analysis.
Manual sampling is time consuming, so only a partial swabbing of the surface can be performed, (according to a prescribed procedure)  which also carries a heavy logistical burden in addition to personnel-related costs, since it requires significant floor space, special tables and a separate area for the inspection team.

Market Segments

Federal/Government Facilities
High Profile Office Buildings
Mass Transit(bus/rail stations/subways)
Military Bases
Sports Stadiums
Other “sensitive sites” (amusement parks, malls, etc.)

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